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Aleit Swanepoel, the Founder & Chairman of South Africa’s premier wedding and event coordination consultancy, The Aleit Group. The name Aleit has become synonymous with bespoke occasions and celebrations and has gathered great acclaim both locally and abroad for his extravagant trademark events.

The Aleit Group has grown to be the best Event & Wedding Coordination company in South Africa, with over 70 staff members on his team to create unforgettable weddings, events and social celebrations. Aleit seeks opportunity and constantly breaks trends with his new ideas. When he sees a gap in the market, he fills it with greatness and perfection.

Instinct, a sense of humor and a genuine calling to serve, best describes Aleit. He is an innovator, a perfectionist and a creative whiz. Aleit is not inspired by trends, but rather by his day-to-day experiences, through travelling the world and the people he loves.

Please welcome, Aleit Swanepoel.

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