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I like to travel with my pets
Aleit loves his pets, I’m sure a lot of people want to be able to travel with their pets by their side.

My golden rule when compiling a wedding guest list or a guest list for a celebration when finding it challenging to cut down on guests, is to ask yourself one question: do they know the name of your pet(s)? If not, how close are they really to you? Feel free to use that red pen…

That explains my admiration for my four footed ones, and also for the great parents of “and man’s best friend(s)”. Recently, due to my TV career, I’ve had the privilege of being exposed to two trend setting dog hotels. One in Gauteng, and one in the heart of the city of Cape Town. This elite and much needed service, caters mainly for the businessman that is either single, or traveling a lot, or just for the individual wanting their beloved animal to be amongst other friends.

A great concept and the two business owners both have a tangible love for animals. They eat, breath, live and sleep their passion for animals. Yanick from the @Fritzhotel and Ineke from Must love Dogs have such a heart-warming love for animals. These angels are going straight to heaven.

Pet friendly establishments in South Africa
This made me think of pet friendly establishments, not only when having a daily excursion or when dining out, but also when traveling locally. I then realized why I am always the one rather booking self-catering via Airbnb and Double whammy; I can take the bikes, and have the dogs by my side!

Yet, as owner of Tiela on Main, a luxury cottage in the quaint countryside of Napier, I was quite thrown with an enquiry for this weekend, where a couple, attending a funeral in Napier, asked my personal assistant, if they may bring their two Labradors along. Mmmm, suddenly I was on the receiving end of pet friendly enquiries. Immediately I thought of the size of the dogs, of my treasures, and also my own holiday home. If people bring their dogs along, that means they really love them, and they most probably allow them on their beds too. Crisp white linen, possible accidents at night, due to a strange environment… In the end, I did give in, yet the subject created larger awareness re: respecting other people’s goods and environments. Something to chew on, and to show integrity in this regard.

Join the Animal lovers communities
So do your homework! Also, become part of animal lover communities that may be able to answer any queries at the press of a button. Social media is a wonderful thing!

I stumbled upon a wonderful article on Eat Out. Some great tips and recommendations for you and your furry friends.

Some further Aleit advice when dining out with your furry friend(s):

One parent to one dog.
Have a portable water bowl.
Let your dog relieve themselves prior to entering the pet friendly establishment.
Be courteous to other patrons.
Do not forget about all the wonderful pet-friendly markets that are right at our finger tips. Such as Oranjezicht City Farm Market and Lourensford Market

Communal doggy walks are also trending now … making friends, just like the mature humans do, within their own environment.

Back to me and my situation right now. The fire place is crackling, Sauvignon Blanc present, and with me I have my person, and my princess, and the following “imagine idea” was born. This idea may even create a trend – a trend that I have not personally experienced within the events industry. We thought, imagine having your wedding or any kind of celebration allowing for guests to bring the dogs along to the event. Create a special celebration for them, alongside, the main “human” celebration. Carers, manicures, pedicures, special menu choices, and even reiki. Just like at @Fritzhotel.

Have fun and embrace your beloveds …

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