Basic Hospitality Protocol You Should Know If You Own a Hotel, Resort, Guest House or Restaurant

Traveling with expectations
Let’s face it. When we travel, we have high expectations. We want to feel comfortable, well looked after, and wish to feel, that we stay at a home, away from home. We want to sleep like babies, have amenities available at arms length, and do not want to have noise or rowdy neighbours waking us. The hotel industry aims for that, and pleases most of the time. Yet, we as guests also need to behave accordingly.

Plan and book in advance!
Book well in advance, and have your paperwork ready on check in. Also, ensure that you follow up on bookings, in order to avoid disappointing. Be polite when you check in at the reception desk. A smile goes a long way. Do not be picky or trying to find faults. Share your expectations beforehand, and ensure that dietary requirements are communicated upon check-in.

Budget for tipping
You need to budget for tipping:
Parking valet – on drop-off and pick-up of your vehicle
Doorman – on arrival and departure
Porter – after bags have been picked up
Concierge – at the end of the hotel stay
Restaurant servers – on the table or credit card bill
Cleaning staff – on the desk or dresser in a visible location each morning

Have respect for your surroundings
You have a duty to treat furniture in your room with great care. What is in the room, stays in the room. If something is not up to standard, damaged, or not in perfect form, ensure reception on arrival. Keep your voice down, and ensure that your television is not blaring. Treat your hotel/guest house neighbours, the way you wish to be treated.

Treat hospitality staff with respect
And to the housekeeping cleaners, treat them with respect and reverence. Ensure to have your “do not disturb” sign on the outside of your door, should you wish to lie in. Also, if you wish for your room not to be cleaned, inform them.
Make sure that you are fully dressed, when there is a knock on the door.

Checking out?
Dirty towels or linen, goes in the bath. It is your duty to not wait water, or their valuable time. And when you check out. Check your bill when printed out. Be kind when questioning certain items. Compliment the staff if they did exceed expectations, and feel free to leave an additional tip. Call the porters timely, if your wish for them to collect your luggage. Bottom line, treat others, the way you wish to be treated.

Say Thank you! Give Compliments where deserved 
En moenie daai doos gas wees wat nie dankbaar is nie. Almal werk hard, party harder as ander. Moenie net kla nie, maar onthou ook om altyd komplimente te gee, as dit wel verdiend is.

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