Etiquette For You, As a Guest or Host

Etiquette for you, as a guest, and some advice for the special host(s).

Invited to a party?
Yay, I have been invited. Indeed it is a great honour, and you should treat the matter as one of great importance and with gentle delicacy.

Your duty as a guest
As an invited guest you have a duty, and it is directly linked to respecting your host. Your job is to be polite and to make conversation with the persons next to you. You need to have something to talk about. The flipside – you need to be a great listener.

Be sincere and clear with what you are saying and make sure, should you be the one initiating the subject of conversation, that you choose an intelligent subject, or alternatively, one that fits the current mood and the pre-subject matter vibe.

I don’t know anyone at the party…
And what to do should you not know anyone at the party.

Introduce yourself immediately. Be confident, even if you need to down that first glass, with no one watching. Your host may not be available, so it is up to you to introduce yourself.

Start by giving your own name and show interest in other guests’ names, and their relationship to the host(ess).

When chatting to someone you have never met, try and find a common subject of interest.
And now for a few Aleit tips – as these things are always applicable to my life:
What if you should be running late? Call, apologize and be upfront with the host re: your ETA.

Taking a plus one to the party?
What about a plus one? If not clearly communicated on the invitation, do not take it for granted that you may just bring anyone along. Clear it with the host or hostess. You may just spoil an evening completely. Not only for the host, but also for you.
If you don’t know what to bring, ask the host. Should they say “NOTHING”. Let it be. Bring something general then, such as flowers in a vase. And should you bring wine along, you have no right to open the wine. It is the host(ess)’s prerogative.
And some Emsie advise that I love. Very kind and courteous to send you host some flowers the day before the event. This means they can focus on other important things, instead of worrying about having flowers in the home. Your dinner may be even more wow.

Dress code
Oh, and follow the dress code! Be prepared. Style yourself in your mind’s eye, way in advance. You do not want to be Aleit arriving in pure black, at a year-end celebration, and AAAAALLLL other guests are dressed in crisp white. #embarrassingmuch
Happy “guesting” friends …

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