Interior Design … Or Is It Life Style Advice Required Urgently?

So today I had the honour of being invited by a South African celebrity artist. And what an experience it was. I am all about great company, synergy, and getting to know one another before a friendship or even a business engagement develops and hopefully grow with might

It is only your opinion
I am all about people and have to always remind myself that my opinion is indeed that – merely an opinion. To stereotype or to generalize is indeed a sin.

Yet, “love” was in the air, in terms of fellow kindness and work admiration. There was a BIG but though, and the but is enough for me to question the presence of true authenticity.

We all have our God-given talents … and if yours is not interior, ask a friend with a natural flair for the subject matter, or alternatively, hire someone, should you have the budget to do so.

Mistakes you could be making with the interior of your home
Mistake #1: Rugs that are the wrong size or orientation. Ensure that you have these in your home, as they add warmth and also frames a lounge area for example. Ensure that the size is indeed correct, by choosing the rug, after you have layed out your sofas. Same goes for the bedrooms. Should you work with a very colourful or “busy” area, tone down the carpet colour and steer away from additional patterns. The opposite also applies.

Cluttered homes
Mistake #2: Exposed clutter

My ex-wife got so perturbed with me, wanting to display all my lovely belongings. Statues, blenders, art works, beautiful salad bowls. All on display, ‘cause I found it to be so special. The joke was, as Aleit carries in through the front door, Madri carries it out, through the back door.

I had to teach myself to pack away. To store items that are not for everyday use. And it is so refreshing letting go. How marvellous to walk into a clean space, with only a few striking pieces to enhance the feeling of a room.

Just breathe
Life is so busy, and we have to allow ourselves to breath, especially when we get to our sacred space, our homes.

Mistake #3: Buying furniture that matches too well

Mmmm, this one is quite obvious. Who wants to live in a house that looks asif it comes from a catalogue. Surely we all have our own unique, God-given taste. Instead of going to Coricraft or Weylandts, gather unique pieces during your travels, and rather take your time, to create the space that is truly YOU.

Mistake #4: Not enough lighting

So important. A subject that is so often neglected or overlooked. Even candlelight can make the biggest difference at a dinner party. Yet, we live in our spaces, and we do not often have guests over. So create the perfect ambience for you, by means of mood lighting. Bedside lamps, parcans to create a soft glow, on the walls. Standing lamps that gives you that “I am at home feeling”. That allows you to now have the main lights showering brightness, as if dining in a boarding school dining room.

Be Eco-friendly
Remember to use eco-friendly LED bulbs. Play around with different colours.

Garden lights make the world of difference. It enhances areas outside your home, that would not have been visible, without this magic tool. Colour – once again, can turn a dull garden into a true fairytale.

More to follow, when I am in interior mode once again ☺. Play around, paint a wall … as long as you have fun, and keep it cost effective.

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