Magical Ocean Escape

Still my blue show stopper …

Ek sal nooit die eerste keer vergeet toe my kar se neus berg op beweeg het nie. Op teen daardie spesifieke berg se heuwel. Dit was ‘n hele paar jaar voor die pas gesluit was. Ek onthou ek het een van Justin Williams se online posts gelees: “The picturesque mountain pass of Chapman’s Peak, sporting some of the finest views in the Cape, has been closed indefinitely following rockfalls. Published by on 17 June 2017. “Even the multimillion restoration schemes, to prevent the status quo, could avoid the happenings.“

Just the other day, I was posed the question, how many times I have visited this elite establishment, and up till today, I can honestly not list a specific number. Various site inspections, rehearsals, execution and perfection of high profile events and weddings, and not even counting my personal visits; every single experience has always summer to another superb, luxury experience.

The interior and outdoor entertainment spaces.. exceptional, unique and out of the ordinary. Not only because of the incomparable setting, but also due to the hospitable environment created by management team, Melissa and her other half. Their warmth and kindness rub off, on the other seniors too. Jeantelle immediately created a home away from home. Our second, and sadly our “last” day, felt like visiting that family, that family that is just a tad more posh than you, adding just that little ex factor to the experience.

Facts about me, sand and sea! I am not a beach bum, and will never be, and I can list quite a few reasons for that. Not sure that you want me to start, but hey, let’s give it a shot.

I have hectic pigmentation, At the age of 17, I decided that a chemical peel is a great idea, on an acne scared teenager face. And what an explosion over a previous explosion. Because boyish Aleit thought it well to go out in the sun. Day after day. It was December holidays after all. What could be the problem?

And now, now, at the age of 44, this sever pigmentation is referred to as an hormonal imbalance, when it comes to Aleit. Thank God for Nicola from Layers Skin Clinic that came to the rescue and we can now continue the process of healing together. All this, after I have recently finished shooting season three of Tyd met Aleit, lifestyle TV show on most celebrated Afrikaans TV channel, Kyknet.

Then, my final thought on beaches. Why want sand up your nose, in your ears, well, just about everywhere you can humanly think of? Just silly, when you can be lying on luscious green lawns, next to an aqua pure salted pool. Oh, and compete with the hundreds of people next to you, for their beautiful images, to add fuel to your already not so perfect self-esteem.

What about the beach weddings that I have coordinated and “perfected”, as we would like to describe our unions. At this point I can just say that when you have impeccable weather during hosting a beach wedding, you, your other half, and your situation is bound to be defined as “pure perfection”. A rare occurrence on the beautiful coast line of SA. Best is when the beach Bride’s parents (or parents in law) blame you as the planner, for the eminent weather conditions, present on their big day.

Hence the reason that I advise couples to have a morning beach ceremony, followed by post-ceremony drinks. Guests make their way home to their various hotels, and then you have the big ball, later in the evening. Great opportunity to change and the time to dress to the nines.

A few stand-outs during my September weekend visit:

Having our own personal butler, serving our six course dinner, in the comfort of our gorgeous green room. And the explosion of flavours. And yes, we opted for all the seafood options, as we were completely steered by the smell of the Atlantic ocean.

First course
Carrot. Giger. Gochugaru Soup.

Second course
Sea Bass. Burnt Cauliflower. Herb veloute.
Daikon. Maldon mignonette.
Ocean farmed Saldanha bay sea bass.

The other entrée options were: Springbok loin. Poached leeks. Eryngi mushroom. Coffee. Carrot Mousse
Wild culled Springbok. Origin: Swaershoek. Tkaen by Buffelshoek safaris and Colombian style arepa. Togaroshi baby beetroot. Ash cured goats cheese. Dukkah.
Zucchini puree. Pea tendrils. Phantom Forest goats cheese. This was followed by one of the following refreshers; Orange blossom and lemon or Papaya and mint.

The highlight of my 5 star in-room dining experience, was definetly the array of Seafood;

Prawns. Sea trout. Onion soubise. Veloute of beetroot. Asparagus. Wilted spinach.
Asian tiger prawns. Ocean farmed sea trout, Saldanha Bay.

The other main course options were Churri bone marrow. Shitake mushroom. Beef fillet. Port jus. Textures of potato. Smoked broccolini. Grass fed beef. Origin: Napier, Greenfield protocol and Baby pak choy. Butternut puree. Rainbow baby carrots. Confit tomatoes. Peas. (v)

The grand finale was a choice between Malva pudding. Vanilla ice cream. Crème Anglaise and Lemon meringue. Macerated berries. Mixed nut brittle.

The heated pool with the majestic untouched surrounds, was the cherry on top, and the perfect start to our Sunday morning. And this followed by a glorious breakfast on the deck overlooking the tip of Chapman’s Peak.

Cannot wait to share love, light and magic once again at Tinstwalo Atlantic …

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  1. Bianca Rijnsburger November 21, 2018 at 8:24 am - Reply

    Dit lyk verskriklik lekker. Almal wil ‘n huisie by die see hê…

  2. Mandie November 21, 2018 at 10:00 am - Reply

    Always feels like holiday whenever one visits Tintswalo…

  3. Kayleigh Behrens November 22, 2018 at 8:56 am - Reply

    Very funny and relatable.

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