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Dinner Party Etiquette – Pointers From Aleit

What an honour to be able to host guests, be it for a relaxed dinner party at home, or taking mom out for her birthday to a snazzy hotel or restaurant, or even just visiting the local Portuguese restaurant down the road.

Yet, universal rules do apply, be it high profile, upmarket, local or low key occasions.



Cutlery should always be polished.

The only way to have silver shining to perfection is by polishing it with boiling water and dishwashing liquid, where after, it is rinsed again with boiling water.

As far as I’m concerned, paper napkins are a definite “no, no”.

Invest in proper material napkins, and you will find that you may even save costs having these handy, even for that week night dinner with your family.

Be careful of those curry nights though…that may be disastrous for white material napkins.



How do you polish your glassware, especially wine and bubbly glasses?

Boil the kettle, take off the lid of the kettle and turn your glass upside down.

It will steam on the inside, and then you will have your tea cloth or dish cloth ready, to wipe the inside and outside of the glass.

Crystal clear in a few seconds.


Oh, a side note regarding a personal experience.

Recently, I had a consultation with affluent people residing in Clifton.

They offered drinks and I politely asked for water.

Wine glasses arrived on a silver tray and with that first sip, all I could think/taste was egg… it was definitely not steam-cleaned.


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When setting for a more formal event, the table cloth should hang to the floor…ensure that it is neatly ironed before covering the table.

Chairs should just touch the side of the table cloth and should always be straightened.

Should you be setting a table on an uneven surface, and chairs cannot possibly be perfectly aligned, cheat it.

Position all your chairs skew to trick the eye.


Salt & Pepper Pots

Do not forget the Maldon/Himalayan salt and black pepper.

Salt and pepper in plastic containers on a dinner table when having guests over should never be considered.


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Wine Gifts

Lastly, make sure that when you have the privilege of receiving wine as a gift when hosting, do not open these wines, unless they wish to open it.

For the guests, it is not etiquette to open your own wines that you take to a dinner party.

It is up to the host to offer wines, enhancing the meal, and keeping your wines for future enjoyment.


My next post will advise re: etiquette for you as a guest when attending a dinner party, a celebration, a wedding or an event.


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