Unforgiving Behaviour When Attending Events

As events coordinator and etiquette guru (as I have been described by the media), I have a few pet hates, when it comes to guests attending weddings, events, or alternative celebrations, planned by The Aleit Group.

Before I continue, I must add, I luuuurv eating with my hands. Don’t know if this comes from my childhood years in the land of curry, Durban, or if it is just part of this country boy, that grew up in a small town, Worcester, in the heart of the Boland.

Yet, there are rules when being a guest

I list just a few, to ensure that you are geared up and well informed as a guest – with regards to good behaviour.

Dress the part!
Check the dress code on the invite. Black tie means black tie. A crisp white shirt, a bow tie, a proper tuxedo (yet you can come away with just a normal fitted skinny suit), and shiny black shoes. White socks are a sin. Just a foot note.

Arrival at the event
On arrival, be kind to staff, ask the correct questions, and be timely. It is a known fact that clicks are formed with the guests arriving early. Should you arrive late, you may struggle to fit in into a certain niche crowd immediately. Also, do not be too early. No more than half an hour before the time stipulated on the invitation. It is disrespectful towards the host, and the events planner.

Be polite
You as invited guest, have a responsibility to be polite, chatty and endearing. You need to have engaging conversation with the person next to you. You need to show that you are enjoying the event. You need to spend at least a few minutes with the host(s), without distracting them from their other errands, and their obligations towards other guests.

Dining at an event
And when canapé’s are served: Hold your bubbly or wine glass at the stem. Nothing worse than the evidence of canapé ingredients showcasing on the convex section of your glass. Politely ask for top ups when needed, and do not be like the old lady, putting her inner hand, horizontally on top of the glass, to make the waiter aware, that she does not wish to have more of the MCC or the Sauvignon Blanc. Just politely decline, without the hand action.

And then the food arrives: Do not be that one that double dip. Duck springrolls with a plum Hoisin sauce is great. The first dip leads to perfection. Yet, it is unacceptable to bite after your first dip, and then to re-dip, to have more of the Oriental experience. Just not polite at all, and unhygienic, to say the least.

More to follow on this subject.

Just go out there, and be a good guest …

Share your experiences at events below on the comment section.

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  1. Monique Harris November 21, 2018 at 8:09 am - Reply

    Love this! Well done Aleit.

  2. Mia vd Merwe November 21, 2018 at 8:11 am - Reply

    These are very good pointers!

    I will keep them in mind for the next event I attend.

    Looking forward to the next one.

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